M o n ! a  L i s a

Making connections

In the changing art world, it is increasingly difficult for artists who combine multiple disciplines and hybrid formats to reach the public.
On the one hand, this is because the classic gallery is increasingly pulling the card of the commercial, putting the marketable above the substantive and preferring a short-term collaboration over the long-term investment. On the other hand, institutions, organizations and independent curators have fewer opportunities and resources to navigate and explore, so they often fall back on the too one-sided array within the known network.
With a broad knowledge of the art world, ranging from the conception phase to the production of the actual artwork, over the commercial of the gallery and the art fair to the exhibition in the museum or institute, Monia Warnez started this ambitious platform.

M O N ! A  L I S A is a platform that offers productive, managerial and communicative support to artists with a hybrid visual practice. The long-term collaboration is fully customized to the artist with the perspective to an independent place in the artistic landscape.

M O N ! A  L I S A develops customized projects for organizations that want to add content to their practice in an innovative way within the art world. With a clear vision for the future and an open mind, we listen and offer various possibilities within a national and international context.